Cloud Computing

Cloud computing has become an important part of companies’ digital transformation strategy as companies transfer their IT physical activities, such as file storage and site servers, to a virtual environment. Cloud computing professionals help companies streamline their physical IT activities to a virtual environment. Cloud engineers typically work in technology companies or large corporations with significant infrastructure.

This skill includes designing and implementing IT infrastructure in public cloud environment and has several roles including system engineers, database managers, network engineers, storage managers, systems / network / solutions / organizational architects , Programmers / developers and similar technology-driven roles.

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Responsibilities may include providing design input, collaborating with customer service and analysts on important project phases, analyzing weaknesses, and providing recommendations for system improvement. Cloud computing professionals need experience working with system architecture components such as networking and software. In addition to strong technical skills, they must also have excellent collaboration skills as well as strong analytical reasoning to effectively examine the strengths and weaknesses of projects. Cloud computing has become a key part of companies’ digital transformation strategy. As cloud computing begins to dominate the business landscape, the demand for cloud computing opportunities will increase. Those specialists who are skilled in managing multi-cloud environments – including public, private clouds and a combination of different vendors – will have the best position in the evolving market. Information security analysts work to protect an organization’s computer systems network, to prevent hackers from accessing and / or stealing sensitive information and data.

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