What is World Skills Olympics?

World Skills Competitions are competitions in skill areas such as information technology, mechanics, mechatronics and … that are held annually in the country by Iran Technical & Vocational Training Organization. In this marathon, competitors prepare to participate in the World Skills Competition, which is held every two years under the auspices of the IVTO .Since these competitions are completely operational in nature, they are given special attention by the largest companies in the world. In these competitions, which are held for three or four days, participants from all over the world have to implement their defined projects and their work is evaluated by the judges at the end. In Iran, skill competitions are held in three stages: city, province and country. Participants compete in the city stage and after the judges evaluation, one person from each city participates in the provincial stage and after the competition, the selected person of each province in their intended field, enters the national stage. At this stage, the selected provinces in each field will compete with each other and the best people will enter the world camp. During this process, highly specialized (Subspecialized) compact trainings are given to the trainees in a way that they are prepared to compete at the highest world level.

Benefits of participating in World Skills Olympics

Gain Expertise

High Income



Cross-border Cooperation

Acquire skills through sub-specialized training
High monetization due to having a high level of practical knowledge
Communicating with influential people in the field at the macro level
Recruit in the most reputable companies following unique expertise
Cooperation in international and cross-border projects in case of participating in the World Skills Olympics
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Lyon 2024 World Skills Olympic Calendar


Referee and examiner of country stage of world skills Olympics

The examiner of selection camp of Kazan World Championships in Russia

Official instructor of CIW of America

CEO of Roobina Pardazesh Oxin

Former instructor of the country’s coach training center

More than 10 years of network executive experience and network security

Specialist and official instructor of MikroTik Academy

Expert and instructor of wireless networks

VoIP Specialist and VoIP Security

Launches over 900 long distance wireless connections

 Twenty one years of teaching graphic and architecture courses

Expert of World Skills Olympics in Khuzestan province in the field of graphics

Teaching in educational and university centers

Honorary diploma of the fourteenth course

Gold Medal of the fifteenth course

Attending the camp of the first stage of the 2015 World Cup in Brazil

Accompanying expert and instructor of the 16th course

Training instructor for the 2017 Abu Dhabi World Championship Camp for 530 hours

Deputy expert and military school of the eighteenth course

Instructor of the Kazan World Skills Championship 2019

Rubico's activity in World Skills Olympics

Registration Steps

Contact Rubico Experts

Determine the time for the initial evaluation

Approval or disqualification


Start the training process